Can hives be caused by nerves?

Appearance of reddish welts on the skin is a condition known as hives, behind which there can be numerous reasons. Also, it is common question in people’s mind that can nerve cause hives. So, you me astonished at once, to know that along with factors such as food, exercise, medication, bacteria, hives is caused by nerves in several cases.

Skin is the largest as well as the most sensitive organ and stress or nerves can alter internal chemical balance and lead to hormonal imbalance. Imbalance in hormone so caused then affects ones overall health and skin. Overactive sympathetic nervous system is assumed to gives rise to it. Also it is different in the manner since, the way stress affects chemical balance is well known.

Hives caused by nerves may occur anywhere over the body with variation in size from few millimeters to foot’s diameter or more. It occurs either when person is either nervous or in emotional stress. Not only their shape and size change gradually, but they do also show gradual appearance and disappearance. Due to this, many a times it becomes a bit difficult to predict the responsible agent or allergen. Moreover, many cases are such that reason remains undetermined, arising the very question can nerve or stress cause hives or what causes it?

On the basis of cause, types of hives can be categorized as –

  • Ordinary - their appearance is sudden, however the cause is not apparent and in cases it last for long is ought to be chronic. Hives caused by nerves is grouped in this category.

  • Physical - occurs due to stimulation in skin or scratching also called as dermatographism. Other include heat, cold, sunlight etc.

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Hives caused by nerves symptoms, become visible with appearance of reddish welts on the body, followed by itching and burning sensation on the skin.

Treatment for hives caused by nerves

In such cases, stress management course is of much help, along with consulting doctor so that chances of related viral of medication impact can suitably be treated. Antihistamines and steroids do help in overcoming the condition, however it is actually desired and made up such that symptoms are cleared and the pain relieved on it own. Besides, that natural treatment also work and is considered effective treatment.

So, with this it almost certain that nerves can cause hives, resulting from imbalance in body equilibrium.

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